About Us - Body Revival Lounge
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About Us

“We want to help change people’s lives for the better.”

Body Revival Lounge was created by Karla Kuehl, a 96’ Aveda day/spa graduate. Karla practiced massage therapy for 23 years helping muscles injuries, back injuries, auto accident victims, quadriplegic clients maintain regular muscle flexibility, she also worked with expecting mothers, and helped to bring back circulation for diabetics clients. She took great pride in helping others heal.

Karla has also done body building since she was 16 years old. Studied organic eating and holistic healing at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition. Knowing how the muscles and body work come easily to her, which will help to guide you down the correct road to healing.

This is why she started Body Revival Lounge bringing her areas of healing to you with cryotherapy that she was certified on in February of 18’. She uses her massage background to help heal your areas of pain & inflammation through localized cryotherapy such as ankles, knees, necks,etc. Her background in holistic healing assists in her knowing which kind of circuit would work best for your road to better health. Karla’s heart is in helping people and she is driven by your bodies success at healing itself with the treatment Body Revival Lounge has to offer.